Loma Prieta Baby

We came with Dre, we don’t need I.D. : An Open Letter to Bay Area Transplants

Written by Michelle Puncsak Any organ transplant runs this risk of the donor organ being rejected from its new environment. The surgery is not always a success; sometimes the body rejects the foreign organ. Now, imagine conducting a transplant and... Continue Reading →


My Whole30 Experience, and why I’m doing it again.

Written by Michelle Puncsak You've probably heard about The Whole30 and shrugged it off as yet another diet to try out for a couple days and then put it on the shelf. As someone who has tried several different diets,... Continue Reading →

Music Speaks

Written by Michelle Puncsak   I first "discovered" The Beatles in middle school. I use quotation because, although I know who they were and had grown up listening to The Beatles, I didn't truly get into them until middle school.... Continue Reading →

Loma Prieta Baby

Written by Michelle Puncsak   I originally had the idea to write book under this same title. It was to be in-between a memoir and a collection of vignettes. While writing a book is still my ultimate goal, I thought... Continue Reading →

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